We want the world to know the truth — the stuff he doesn't say in front of the cameras. That's why we made our award-winning film, You've Been Trumped, available FREE to the whole world for 24 hours leading up to the first two Republican Debates. Scroll down to learn more…

Why This is a Must-See Film

Trump threatened to sue the BBC when it announced it was showing You’ve Been Trumped on television. The BBC didn’t back down, and after the screening Trump’s popularity in the United Kingdom plummeted. Can the same thing happen in the USA?

    ”It blew me away!”

    - Michael Moore

    ”A riveting expose”

    - New York Magazine

    ”Trump emerges like a mafia don”

    - Los Angeles Times

    “A failure”

    - Donald Trump

The Trailer

Scottish landowners go head-to-head with billionaire Donald Trump to prevent construction of a golf resort on an environmentally sensitive stretch of coastline.

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